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Big ideas for Stakeholder Day

In a recent post on the European Commission Information Society site people living in the EU are urged to help shape the developments of the Digital Agenda – bridging the gap between the public and the decision-makers. The message is as follows: “What is your big idea for the Digital Agenda, Europe’s new strategy for digital economy?”

In a nutshell, people who visit the site are being asked to engage in a discussion with Commissioner Kroes. This is done through the submission of ideas online – the best of the “big ideas” submitted will form part of the forthcoming Stakeholder Day conference.

This kind of initiative is just right. It proves that Commissioner Kroes is engaging well with the public through the ideal medium. But a compelling initiative like this is also perfect for drawing attention to key aspects of the Digital Agenda itself. It compels web users to read the 101 actions, draws attention to Stakeholder Day, and reinforces the Agenda’s overarching aspects.

By opening the debate up to the public, and giving them the opportunity to present their best ideas, the messages are driven home. I look forward to seeing how the story will develop. Interested readers should be aware that the deadline for submission of ideas is Friday 24th September.

The internet is the perfect tool for the public – citizens and businesses – to use to connect to the EU. Initiatives are developed from within the Commission and organizations outside of it to make sure that people know how the EU can help them directly; like Microsoft’s EUGA scheme, which puts available grants in front of businesses which can benefit from them. This latest Stakeholder Day initiative marks another attempt to prove that the EU is directly relevant to all who live in it – and I hope that it gets the success it deserves.

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